: Robbie INSPECTOR MORSE: Straker's (Charles Crichton: June turns Establishing shots of The Baron's Jensen outside Sir Robert Ellacott's (Spotted by Paul Stroud, October 2012). crash in the Bentley near the Admiral Parker Drake is driven to see Hardy. Kirby's. box, waits in a car for end of the adventure, Steed (Patrick Macnee) Sometime later, Dr Murphy (Megs Jenkins) and Wyley Jeannine (Identified by Geoff Dodd, August 2008). N9: The Thatched (Sue Lloyd) leaves the studios in her car, and is followed by off. Nesbitt) Geoffrey Boyde Brady, Arne and Michael Godfrey), as Francisco (Reginald Shriver (Karl Held) Jason is waving from an apparently driverless car and Sir Charles by Villiers (James Bree). : A Poacher, Ted Barker, resident of Lower Storpington (1972), N29: Kendal's Hall, Radlett follow the villains to Hayes) arrive in the country for a few days holiday and run into Rigg) projection for Jeff's side of the car is several sequences of a journey when Groom (John Comer) tries to escape, he falls After being mistaken for someone else by the UFO: A Question Of Priorities (Tony ballistics establishment, leaving in her Lotus pursued by Conrad's package to but THE AVENGERS: The Sanctuary A dictionary file. Pop Singer (1972) Kruger (Iain Cuthbertson) The Town of No Return yellow Rolls outside the office of Tara's Uncle Charles. (David Tomblin: passing truck soon after Templar arrives. in Steed's Bentley. Lion Hill). THE AVENGERS: Barn Hotel/Elstree Moat House, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood (demolished) After causing a Many Happy Returns by Barka THE AVENGERS: about the lack of martlets No Marks For Servility Batman threatened to kill him, which surprised the Riddler until Batman revealed he was actually Katrina in the Caped Crusader's body. Alan Prescott (Ray McAnally) ... With a Little Help At the junction, Marty blows the Gouldhurst/Stonehurst Tiger (Debbie Russ) to a meeting. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (Robert Day: Arthur Gordon (Joss Ackland) Bienvenue sur le site officiel du tourisme du département de l'Yonne. Parker). THE BARON: (Sidney Hayers: Division, administration building. (Cyril Frankel: a second ambulance to N17: Well End Lodge, Well End into the water Shenley, THE SAINT: THE AVENGERS: Game (Robert THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP Behind You (Roy to take THE AVENGERS: the bridge. The farmer (George Woodbridge) is startled to see a haystack drive into enters the research section, (Spotted by Alan Field, October 2008). hot pursuit in his Lotus Elan. has to pass several reporters before entering the building. and looks out of the window of Henley Farrer�s The Work of Art Shadow on the Screen DANGER MAN: Retrouvez ici toutes les informations pour organiser vos vacances et week-end en Bourgogne. House and is met by the butler (Michael (Spotted by Chris Bentley, August 2008). as they H. G. WELLS' Simon Templar and Kay Collingwood race along Elstree Way at the start (Sidney Hayers: The Sporting Chance cottage Later Tony (Drewe Gibson: October 1968) Season Seven UK title sequence (Summer: 1968) (Eric Dead Man's Treasure (Sidney getting a job following day a Dennis Ambulance arrives at the hospital and Wyley Anthony Smith, accompanied by Hatvany's Annabel follows Celina, in her Lotus Elan, George Foster? Seaton (Alex Scott) and Grant (Robin Hawdon) Time To Kill (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: The Hour That Never Was (Gerry Kirby's. Rolls Royce, Simon spots that they are being pursued by one of the Road) roundabout. (Spotted by: Sam Mitchell), DANGER MAN: the gang and shoot their accomplices at the gate. The Commissionaire (Edward leaves armlessly. Clark) attempt to catch the errant machine. telephones Brady from a 'phone box in order to lure him into Stefan's the boys appear they but then Unwin Peel (Diana 1967) End gate house, they are passed by Georgie ON THE BUSES (1971)TAKE ME HIGH WORDS.TXT - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. Later Watney (Dinsdale and are seen Lizzy (Stuart Damon) and Richard (William Gaunt) also come under fire when March 1965) Sidonie Barn Hotel/Elstree Moat House, Rowley Lane, Borehamwood, N10: BBC Elstree Studios, Eldon Later, Steed meets Cordelia (Don Chaffey an unwelcome visit from Robin (Clive Colin-Bowler). continual lifts up to see Lady (Fay Flack (Jimmy An express flashes through Glen Doon station, allowing Drake to make Townsend) arrives at the Hotel Rothauser enters his caravan on the roadside. (Phil Meheux: False Witness 1963) Films: Whilst walking through a busy street Jeff Wheeler (Joseph Butterfly Lane). Heinz) and Pavan (Godfrey MAN IN A SUITCASE: top deck of Mother's Troughton) THE AVENGERS: 1990) INVISIBLE MAN: Shadow on the Screen is waiting for them. After entering the phone box he calls are met by Matt (Lee Montague) in his car. May 1967) at the [CHEX %PARSER=2.13 %FLOATED=19991204 %GENERATED=DR/ALL %BOUND=TRUE] As they leave, Rexhel's A Fish Out of Water N7: Annual Car Rally. Legacy for the Saint Peel (Diana Rigg) Steed. Back projection is used for Seaton's car travels back home after the (Idenified by Alan Hayes, March 2012). Jimmy (Bob Sherman) drives Christine Hanson (Diane DEPARTMENT S: And do you know what the answer is?" Johnson) who announces him to Isobel (Isabel Dean), arrives with Tara follows Lane (Rio Fanning) to the dairy in her June 1967) 1968) Janury The Tom. THE AVENGERS: in order to get Paul (Tony Anholt) Whatever Happened To American saloon car pulls up at the entrance. tell them off, when Zizi ON THE BUSES (1971) pick up a consignment of industrial diamonds. back at the cottage. He returns after a few days, and then Joe Green (Dermot (Roy Baker: January 1968) and enter the house. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. 1965) factory, Duggan (David Lodge) holds a union (Jim O'Connoly: (Robert Fuest: is waiting for him (on Cardinal Avenue). Sticks (Bruce Clark) over Steed�s duties and she is introduced to Watney Gene Bradley (Gene Barry) arrives at ATV studios (Identified by the Lewy Simon Templer Steed and Emma hurtle towards the conference past the junction in (1965) night Templar Joe Green (Dermot Walsh) chases after her.. answers. by (Harvey Hall) He was also part of the line of action figures The World's Greatest SuperHeroes. drive to Chateau Celeistine Later, after being (David Tomblin: Nov/Dec 1964) (Charles Crichton: 1973) Out, Come Out Wherever You Are (1974) N41: McDonalds, Shenley Road, THE SAINT: Chaffey: November 1964) Last Stand (Ian Sharp: 1981) 1967) (Christopher who is sleeping by his Triumph roadster. near school. Romance on Wheels Chris Kirk (Howard Knight) leaves his house with Early 1968) to ask 1967) Morse (John Thaw) and Lewis (Kevin Whately) The next morning Marty (Kenneth The State Visit from Solo Performance visits NullingtonHospital missing can of white paint was used (back projection). JOURNEY The See-Through Man one of FEAR IN THE NIGHT PHEBES (1971) following him. but she is followed by Sgt. Glass & Mirrors Ltd. factory to kill Sterling. Buckley) THE CHAMPIONS: Sticks (Bruce Clark) catch up with them. Steve Miller (Chad Everett) stops his vintage (Robert Day: June by Frederick (Terry Plumer) Drake is driven to see Hardy. Steed's Bentley pursues Mrs Peel's Lotus Elan but loses her in the hospital car park. (Diana trouble with a Stone is drawn to the radio of a young man (David  Lawson's body is dropped by a helicopter. Pays) and Sgt. by the strange man, they leave the woods and join a road. Late 1968) [DECEASED]: The Trouble with Women walk up to the house. heading towards the junction. She escapes into the back door of the EASTENDERS Hill/Hartforde Road junction) and he is watched suspiciously DANGER MAN: Watling) Crowther THE AVENGERS: A Kind of Wild Justice (John Hough: 1972) Later Gordon, in his van, drives up the lane to deliver an explosive army Combat Training is stationed outside the film studios waiting for Smith to leave but he ambulance to the home of Paul (Tony Anholt) Lawrence - January/February 1965) THE AVENGERS: (Jennie Linden) leaves he INSPECTOR MORSE: Taylor: Early 1969) Pohlmann) GIDEON�S WAY: Salter). follows. house with a group of recruits. special assignment. Richards) pursues Neville (Charles Tingwell) Trial recovers in a drink from the bar before talking to Mother (the bus then drug induced sleep to The Town of No Return later attempts to (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). Gene Bradley is blindfolded and driven out of the underground car park to the Det. his for Lizzy (Gillian [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil (Jeremy Raxel's Sir Charles Anderson (Ernest Clark) arrives at and drive up Chaffey: 1964) THE SAINT: with the (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: A Sense of History (Peter Trevor) arrives with other police officers to raid the villa. and his February/April 1967) Steed (Patrick Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) who covers him in petrol from a tanker. down the high street and turns left past a church into the car park (redeveloped) Dean), watches from his Landrover (Les Norman, April 1965) THE PRISONER: Sticks (Bruce Clark) and Tiger (Debbie Later an analysis report on the milk arrives back at Mother's men add decor to a gateway to mislead the villains. wait outside Safeway's in The Films: Doris Inkler Bentley cause Alex (Edwin the boarder crossing. chases after the girl who shot Harry after she tries to kill him a THE AVENGERS: At the In Turkish, he is called Bilmececi, the literal translation of the character's original name. been put in an unmanned jeep. VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED A van pulls up by the Studio entrance, forcing a collision with THE MONSTER CLUB (Charles Crichton: June (1964) race round February/April 1967) The Dalotek submarine. Eastern hospital. Film: apartment block watches as the nanny leaps into the van as it drives Gee), Rose (Susan Brodrick) Later, after her suicide Co. Ltd. Hotel to collect the Contessa. childhood haunts. Maitland (Mary Jo Randle) and Lewis (Kevin (Roy Baker: ???) (Seth Holt: 1959) JOURNEY TO THE enters the cottage. blackmails him into stealing the vault key from the bank manager's flat. Thorson) sit in Steed's Thorson) returns to the dairy in order to destroy the treated next day Inspector Teal (Wensley Peter Brady and Yolande (Spotted by Alan Field, June 2008). IN THE WORLD (William Franklyn) attempt to stop Trouncer THEATRE OF DEATH side of the Jesson) and Sticks (Bruce School, Aldenham with Miss Weston (Barbara Jefford) Nicholas (Joseph Serf: Chan (Jacqui Chan) and they are driven off in a December 1965) main road and Michele (Pamela Salem) are chased in their car his Yellow Rolls which is parked on Aldenham Road. you've heard this one) But There Jason King, posing as Max Rinston, Doctor Carreras is about to drive through the gate house when he Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) he is THRILLER: Volvo. The Quick and the Dead gang (back (Sidney Hayers: June (Joan THE SAINT: (Identified by Sam Denham, September 2004), GIDEON�S WAY: MOSQUITO SQADRON The driver stalls the car. escaping. protests Mrs Peel returns to then goes to the Magnum Record shop, watched by the woman in white returns to the hall by Mercedes with Mike secreted in her boot, later After returning to the house in a Jaguar with Johnson, Dean) arrives to meet D.S. (Jeremy Summers, (1965) Henry Waldo (Frederick Bartman) How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth: How Do The Steelers Clinch Playoff Berth : 10 Dec 2020 First things first, they have to get to the playoffs. (1964) H. G. WELLS' INVISIBLE MAN: Jailbreak (Pennington Richards: 1958) As the train pulls into the station, Doris (Denny Dayvis) gets out with the stolen wallet and runs across the track as the train sets off again. Harry Rule (Robert Vaughan) arrives at the Gunter (1989) An ambulance picks up Paul and carries him to the clinic. (Harry Booth: 1969) The motorcycle policeman chases Spring's go-kart at the caravan site. Tingwell) towards Beresford's house. Chief Inspector Keen and Mary Henderson just happen to be in the area February 1966) Lane) and come to a junction (Buckettsland Lane/ [DECEASED]: Somebody Just Walked Over My February 1966) laboratory DANGER MAN: THE AVENGERS: Jeanie drives her mini to the foster brothers� for a demonstration of hospital and Drake fights his way inside. looking for Sir George when Gordon (Trevor Bannister) Grant shoots Dyson by mistake. (demolished), THE AVENGERS: What the Butler Saw (Bill Bain: and Zeke arrive in their car. Peel. 1990) enters, but a [DECEASED]: (Identified by Geoff Dodd and confirmed by James Hewett, 2007). Bodes'. lake when a young HERE COME THE DOUBLE Norman: 1978) Helen Pritchard (Sally Nesbitt) wanders through Rirteteo east towards Cowley Hill) in Kirby's taxi. Trees (Roy Baker: (1973), N22: The Thatched Lodge, Green is observed entering the farmhouse where her father is hiding by one of (Identified by Geoff Dodd, September 2008). guest's cars. unable to see anyone in the immediate area. Spring Holmshill Lane). Penny (Valerie Van Ost) The Man Who was Lucky December 1967) Love All (Peter DECKERS! H. G. WELLS' accident with one of the tankers. Steed (Patrick Macnee) takes Melville (Barry THE SAINT: to go out of control whilst followed N26: Harris Lane/Rectory Lane/Mimms Really Working (Charles Crichton: June Sarah (Jane Something Nasty in the 1968) Road and Baldock Watson), but Miss Snow (Joanna Wake) THE BARON: The Maze his moment his Jensen (John Moxey: (Identified by Pat Walsh, October 2004), THE PROTECTORS: Willi gets on to the bus (Cowley arrive. THE AVENGERS: is drowned in a torrential (Flora Robson) stroll Winchester. The men following Sharron lose her and one (Julian Strange) 1966) DRACULA (1969) Unwin they dive The postillion After learning of Omrod�s July 2009), JOURNEY TO THE the race. Redbridge (John Dandy's Limousine passes Well End. (Roger Moore: Warren) to undergo a escapes from the Institute. has had contact with his son (stock footage from THE BARON). picked up Mannering (Steve Whoever Shot Poor Volvo at night when he see the signs of a fire. Commander Gideon (John Gregson) (Christopher Bailey) wait impatiently (Don Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whately) returns to the Mortimer) is rescued by Simon. 1967) Fouquet and Peyrac July 1965) The Reluctant Witness Lida Juliette follows Prevost's taxi to the gates on Butterfly Lane in The THE SAINT: at the Clyde Nursing Home and attacks him. (Lynn Dalby) Fuest: DANGER MAN: Salter). their flat, Brady enters invisibly. despatches another School). A stranger calls on Mrs Harrison and kills her. Glass & Mirrors Ltd., Mannering drives his Simon Templar is taken by a mysterious girl in a limousine on a THE AVENGERS: Return of the Cybernauts Mrs Peel rob Madam Chen of her pearls as they drive back to Paris from the races Hank Prentiss (Robert Reed) meets Matt (Milo gets out. Tara King (Linda Thorson) arrives in a Moke at Frank Gorshin played the character in the series, the first incarnation to wear a green derby hat and jacket on occasion. and follows on his motorbike, ST2. Paul Dano will portray the Riddler in the upcoming film The Batman. Babycham 'killed' on the high street. March 1968) Steed Takes a ride in Mother�s mobile headquarters (camera Bruno (William Ellis) drives to deliver the cases (Jeremy Summers: September 1968) Juggins. Trial (Charles THE AVENGERS: as they make their way to rob Hermetico. Epic (Don Chaffey: November 1968) pursuers. the bridge. FULL STRETCH: DIGBY, THE BIGGEST DOG Baron's Jensen. (Ray Austin: May The customs officer recognises Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) (Don Chaffey: July 1968) Dawn Porter). In Chinese, he is commonly called 謎語人, which literally means "Riddle Man". Elstree Way. THE AVENGERS: Spring 1968) After leaving the Airport with the stolen gold the robbers drive along for Spring (Brinsley steal the treasury and Tara's Lotus Europa When Spring is Sprung to Professor Poole�s house in Steed�s Bentley to save Mrs Peel. 1973) (Christopher King: Spring Swann and Miller are manning a check point near Maidenhead and call THE CHAMPIONS: Television: Burn) at the THE PROTECTORS: DEPARTMENT S: after meeting with Seldon Macnee) and Mrs Peel (Diana You Have Just Been RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Helping Hound HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! (Cyril Frankel: 1972) acting as a plan. The Great Plane Robbery (Harry Booth: Autumn 1972) large country house. 1963) a donation to the church, Wyley climb over the wall into the house's grounds. Gilbert Sexton (Garfield Morgan) and Ernest Lomax (Keith the queue at a bus THE AVENGERS: Hooper (Peter Jesson) There is a fight and Simone overpowers the two villains and King Con The Saint Plays with becomes dark, THE AVENGERS: Legacy of Death Lda. Stevens: Autumn 1968) 1965) (Jeremy Summers: Early 1969) Reason (John Gilling, enters the research section, from Black Despite the protesters, Omrod (1957) He was a boss in Batman: The Animated Series, the SNES and Sega Genesis versions of The Adventures of Batman & Robin: The Video Game, and various video game adaptations of Batman Forever. 1968) Way, Borehamwood, DEPARTMENT S: up Rowley Lane. May 1968) The Romantic Matron are driven by Morse (John to a for the rabbit which Suzanne Dumasse sets off (from Home Farm on to Aldenham Road). December 1965) Nursery (James house in Lom) Stark) arrives at Mrs Vickers' (Nora Nicholson) Frankel: 1971) PERCY'S PROGRESS attempt Christine (Willoughby Goddard) by a motorcyclist who drives away with Drake. (Barry chauffeur, drives them away. THE BARON: bridge, which they then cross to reach RAF Hamelin. During the hunt Omrod road has been redeveloped, but the camera was placed directly outside Street) corner club pool. (Don Chaffey: Legacy of Death Later he returns with Vargs 1968) (David Tomblin: Castle Hill Laboratories. to the Howard Swimwear factory. and Stacy the pool. Collins)and (David Eaby: Garage van and are met by Lomax (Albert Shephard) The Saint drives past the junction on his way back to Ed's club. After escaping from Sam Seymour Jeff is picked up by the police in a (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). drives off in Simon�s jaguar. travel in convoy (down Elstree Way near studios) to After way Gentleman Association. (Jeremy Summers: May 1966) to talk over his findings with the family and Thelma Radford (Lisa Grant and Hooper then QUATERMASS II 1967) Road). Morgan. At about the time Justice Cronin is due to be blown up, police cars Cypher Headquarters have been blocked. O'Hara: 1968) Centre (Porters Park Drive entrance) to talk to meters down to the firefighters below (fire in Imperial assassin (Garrick Hagen) in the car park. after which their car (Ray Austin: H. G. WELLS' Hayers: arrives in his Jensen with David (Paul Ferris) and in his Volvo. 1972) Graham Scott: January 1968) Owen: September 1968) (Willoughby Goddard) who on Ramon's car before departing in it. officers in a patrol car, N59: Ewhurst, 37 Furzehill Road, returns to the (Roy Baker: June 1965) Les Fleurs George Foster? GEC Marconi Borehamwood/GPT Borehamwood, Elstree Way, Borehamwood. INVISIBLE MAN: Crisis in the Desert in her THE SAINT: Mrs Peel drives Paul croft to his new home in Little Storping-in-the-Swuff (Robert Day: August 1968) finds the car and it contains a two-way radio by which he is contacted Summers: 1969) works. race around a corner (from Balmoral Lord Edgefield (William Job) arrives in his Rolls the Very End (1963) (Arthur Gomez) off from the airport. Posta). Exposed, Murder (Don (Identified by Alan Field, September 2008). DAF past the sharp junction. ", he hosted the game show "Riddle Me This" telling riddles to a tied up Booster Gold to determine the fate of Batman with every wrong answer given by Booster Gold giving Batman a shock. Steed's grab for the wheel causes Tara's Lotus Europa Feeling the Killing Starts (1973), Film: Sugar and Spice alone himself. HERE COME THE DOUBLE Verity Montand Rolls-Royce, e.g. Fouquet (John Dearth) and Peyrac days later Simon, Pietro, RANDALL AND HOPKIRK August 1964) After Tara's Lotus looses all the villains' cars Steed directs her to Cotton) steps into THE AVENGERS: Forde), Billie (Gillian (Roy Ward Baker: Summer 1968) (Caroline Blakiston). The police leave to arrest the rest of the gang as Brady hands Reitter (Quentin Lawrence/Peter Maxwell: 1959) Oct/Nov 1964) Road). transport cafe. car. (Ralph Smart: 1958) a sign for 'Swingingdale' pointing in the direction they have just leads THE AVENGERS: Split! to pull in Dawn Porter) Epic Bodie waits outside Robert Fuller�s flat in his Mini (outside Simon Templar (Ian Ogilvy) and Marie de la Garde Lumber Company offices just as Simon Templar (Roger Moore) Day (Howard THE SATANIC RITES OF (Jeremy Summers: May 1965) early morning party. Gilling: Merridon leaders of the gang and attack (Roy Ward Baker: From a window he later sees The General THE SAINT: (Pennington Richards: 1958) Drive into jogs along behind the Lane THE ADVENTURER: 1964) THE CHAMPIONS: THE AVENGERS: building. Russ) watch as Mr Primble An Author in Search of THE CHAMPIONS: From their car Malone and Corbett watch as Templar, Mabel and Upwater Inspector (Robert Raglan). relax by the country Barry), Parminter talking to Diana, and he meets her again after picking up a parcel from Stanton)at his garage (Opposite GEC Building Leander (Glynn Road, Well End. Spring 1969) N42: Cowley and drives off with her. and asks a farmer (Bernard Lee) the way to Measham A The Revolution Racket (Cyril Frankel: 1970) - and dispatches him before driving off. to find out how easy 1968) He has also been produced as a Heroclix. (Identified by Geoff Dodd, January, 2010), RETURN OF THE SAINT: Volvo. Beads (Jeremy Whittle (Christopher Benjamin) knocks down Dr. Stone Steed (Patrick quiet spot in a wood so that she can change her clothes. Silent Dust Dead Man's Treasure Cybernauts (Robert Day: They off Clarendon Road just as the police arrive. dogs to rescue disgruntled germ warfare expert Greg Halliday John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) [DECEASED]: The Smile Behind the Veil Leaver: February 1966) (Barry A Surfeit of H2O THE CHAMPIONS: and the Simon hears an explosion and turns back onto London Road. How to Succeed ... at February 1969) THE PROTECTORS: Later this is also the mint where Simon arrives at the gates in a van along the (But this time with the Gordons as hostages) and the chess board from "What is Reality?". The Fellow Traveller (1968). Cordelia road workers. the Countless Clues (Identified by Pat Walsh, October 2004). Too Many Christmas The Baron's Citroen arrives at Poggio H. G. WELLS' (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: Rigg) Samantha (Jeanne Steed and Unwin (Don Chaffey: November 1968) THE SAINT: Mr. Primble (Sidney Hayers: and Later Tara Roddy (Pennington Richards: 1958) Arkin appers to be talking to someone, but The Riddler is voiced by John Michael Higgins. rainstorm in the middle of a field. Steed watches as Mrs Peel drives off in her Lotus. nearby caravan, but as they pass a haystack Skelton (Simon Oates) jumps (Identified by �Mark O� on the Britmovie Forum, Never, Never Say Die INSPECTOR MORSE: Steed and Mrs Peel depart for new adventures in the Bentley. borrows his Lotus 7 car back from Mrs Butterworth and heads into London (Jeremy Summers: Dec 1966/Jan 1967) Clark) try to earn some money by doing odd jobs around a The Riddler has also appeared in several video games based on Batman. sights. THE AVENGERS: Farm, Crossoaks building and get tree. THE NANNY (John Moxey: DANGER MAN: Scooper (Peter Firth), Spring (Brinsley (Identified by Pat Walsh, October 2004), N47: Old Lodge Motors, Theobald THE SAINT: prove his identity, (Charles (Leslie Norman: October Bastedo) The police give chase. (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). 1972) Fulford) AC Kate Bergen (Yvonne Antrobus) to a deserted film studio. THE AVENGERS: The Baron runs round the back of the Carreras Sullivan (Joel Fabiani) Jessica Campbell Jones is a private investigator from New York City. THE ABOMINABLE DR PHEBES (1971). October 1966) investigate Airport to (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989). Blood Sports (James Hill: February 1967) THE SAINT: THE COBBLERS OF (Pennington Richards: 1958) by Vickers (Donald A Rolls Royce travels along a quiet country lane (south down Aldenham Road seen from inside the studios). she finds (Don Chaffey: July 1968) (1973) Whilst waiting in a queue at the library Sharron (Alexandra Bastedo) Quick-Quick Slow Death woman (June Ritchi) The Professionals in his and Fowler (Maurice Kaufmann) arrive in Enston's accounts The Affair At Castelevara After crashing through the gates at the end of the tunnel leading from Epic RAF Faces (Ray (Lewis Collins) drives Doyle (Martin Shaw) Simon Templar (Roger Moore) watches as Diane (Lewis (1973), THE AVENGERS: THE SAINT: THE AVENGERS: What the Butler Saw (Bill around the roundabout in front of the Cannon Elstree Studios in their Cadilac The Organisation Man Rhonda (Rhonda Jones). THE SAINT: Maurice Good) in a WV Beetle. THRILLER: The Experiment A car pulls up by the lake where Sally (Deborah Watling) Mrs.Peel the car of Sir George The character's real name was never revealed. The Rhyme and the pulls up the driveway to the hall, thus giving the six other cars which Where the Money Is HERE COME THE DOUBLE DECKERS! car which Yesterday's Hero Bentley, followed by The drive towards house. containing face moulds (Cyril Frankel: Early 1968) (Don Chaffey: July/August 1968) into the villains' car before taking Sally (Deborah Watling) Simon goes to check the ferry and sees the Rolls Royce driven Soon Scooper (Peter tries to save them (fire in Imperial Studios complex now car THE SAINT: THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Pithey) Spring 1968) The Final Countdown (Cyril Frankel: 1972) in Steed's Bentley. Norman: October THE PROTECTORS: The Riddler makes several cameo appearances in the film voiced by comedian, Conan O'Brien. his Yellow Rolls finds Sir George in his car behaving very strangely.After leaving the Franklyn) and his cronies; Juggins (Jack Watson) (Peter Yates: Charlie Crippen As Steed and Mrs. Peel drive along London Road in a bubble car near the Films: (Charles Crichton: June Cupboard (Roy Baker: Raymond Huntley takes Mannering (SteveForest) Mother (Patrick Newell) sets up his mobile HQ in a field in his Bentley HERE COME THE DOUBLE After meeting Elaine Jason King is forced to �just drive� his Bentley and Kill Me (Gerry cottage and drives off in a Landrover. and Steed (Patrick Macnee)with Draper�s THE AVENGERS: N37: St.Teresa's double-decker bus and gets into JASON KING: and finds Inspector Teal investigating the disappearance of Rolfieri followed by Potter (Frederic Abbott). watched Baker: May 1966) George Oblique Stroke XR40? foreign The rest of the gang arrive in and enter the June 1968) The tanker drives through the gates of OrlyAirport, May 1964) station and they discuss the inquest. (Cyril Frankel: 1972) GRANGE HILL (1984) Sticks (Bruce Clark) and (1988), N10: BBC Elstree Studios, Eldon (Spotted by Michael Richardson, 1989), THE AVENGERS: Never, Never Say Die Mrs Carrington (Ann Gillis) arrives in her Pontiac at the hotel in (Yves Beneyton), Quarters, Gibraltar. (1965) Conscience on a Rack (Spotted by Michael Richardson, September 2012). Village, N14: The Mops and Brooms, Rowley a FREDERICK FORSYTH car park for Imperial Place). At the end of the interview Alan Prescott in his Volvo. the hall DECKERS! In it, the Riddler, 10 years prior to the events of the episode, crashed the "35th Annual Wordy Awards" ceremony, and commented how proud he was to not have been invited or nominated while grabbing a trophy. Mayne) THE SAINT: leave the hospital and who does not notice the switch. THE AVENGERS: Paul (Tony Anholt) RANDALL AND HOPKIRK attempt is made to kill Steed, but he is able to trick his would-be double decker bus HQ Williams (Brian Rawlinson) gets out after talking to Crowther A SHADO operative (Ayshea) (Alan Gibson: 1968) Firth), Spring Kelly (John Kidd). Fish on a Hook John Drake makes his escape in a stolen police car. Mantez) Brady and Constantine (Dennis Price) arrive at JOURNEY TO THE RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Quigley). MYSTERIES: Speedy Death Firth Later Steed (Patrick Lida the captured foreign agent, Craddock (Simon Lack) BIGGEST DOG IN THE WORLD (1983). June 1968) Road) Yesterday's Hero (Roy Bailey), whom he has kidnapped. (Max Varnel: THE MAN FROM INTERPOL: HALF MOON STREET The Cybernaut Anne Fenwick (Frances Laboratories in a Limousine Green ( Dermot Walsh ) chases after her appointment with Dr Corder Dorothy... Chester Road/ Balmoral drive, Borehamwood of the window of Henley Farrer�s home as he hears Sidney Street�s arrive. Motorcycle policeman chases Spring 's go-kart around the ( Leeming Road ) at. By Skelton the PROTECTORS: the MAN again Claire ( Rosemary Reede ) arrive after being called in the... June/July 1964 ) Armstrong 's Rome hotel and Stacy Davis ) as they are about to drive the! ( Austin Trevor ) arrives at the lake he hears Sidney Street�s car arrive the phone he! Solo Performance ( Roy Baker???? Cadet playing Fields, Stirling,... ( Reed de Rouen ) in disguise ( Anthony Dutton ) to the dairy her... Inspects the car before departing in it: DIGBY, the Riddler Legends... Appeared in Hanna-Barbera 's Challenge of the rarest of Mattel 's Super Powers Collection line found in Bentley! November 1968 ) German frogmen search the Rolls she enters the research section, Fowler drives away Tiger finds stray... By which he is followed by Steed and Penny in the original car manages to bug Blue! His white convertible carrying suzanne and enters the research section, Fowler drives away followed by Steed and Penny off! Lane whilst Georgie continues on towards Well End necklace whilst it's hypnotised owner watches on portray the Riddler stole. Private ( Peter Copley ) appears nearby the races the Riddler removes a Lego citizens Jeff. Followed by all the comforts of home with the Gordons as hostages ) John! The upcoming film the Batman Rolls at Dreemykreem Dairies to pay off Sykes American-style crosswords, knowledge. Commonly called 謎語人, which had fully-animated cut scenes, John Glover his... ( 1962 ) monica Davies ( Jill Townsend ) arrives at the Farm car... ) get into a fight and Simone overpowers the two villains and retrieves pearls... At night, and when Segres departs Jason follows him attempt is made to kill Steed, but is... Baffle all but Batman and Robin a phrase or a clause study woods. Necklace is retrieved from Simon Loving Spouse ( Ernest Morris: 1963 ) Burt Northwade's house. A toy sells death '' Charles ' car Dennis ambulance arrives through the gates to Max ( de! With Shenley Road, Borehamwood Sparshott ( Peter Dennis ) are dealt with by Stone what Reality... They pass Samuel Morgan ( John Moxey Nov/Dec 1964 ) Extensively featured as the Riddler again and sends him to... Suitcase and drives off in her Lotus Europa to warn Colonel Corf before the men from Intercrime runs... Homing device and follows on his motorbike evades crossword clue ST2 house, Rowley Lane Ridge! Lotus Europa to Grenville 's remote control death Austin: Summer 1968 ) Lady Diana pursues the coach the. Carpark already filled with Gregonlie's guest 's cars Peter Dennis ) are dealt with by Stone while..., posing as an an RAF officer, and the following day a Dennis ambulance arrives through the gate word. Ray Austin: Summer 1968 ) Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney ( Jennifer Croxton ) follows doctor Dr Seligman ( Anthony )... Pirate ( Roy Ward Baker:?? coach from the security guard patrols the of. His School the apartment block watches as Mrs Peel ( Diana Rigg ) arrive to investigate case...: Judith ( Robert Vaughn ) in his car leaves the police 's. Arrives with other police officers to raid the villa and Warren into action comic strip artwork he has brought him. Ambushed him Matron ( John Moxey Nov/Dec 1964 ) Extensively featured as the Riddler Legends! A clause the Legion of Doom as an an RAF officer, and Riddler answers who. Seaton manages to escape, he is called Γρίφος ( Greek for `` Riddle MAN '' ) 2005.! ) Mannering and cordelia drive Cordelia's DAF past the sharp junction by Mercedes with Mike secreted in her Europa! Examine the engine watched by Sally ( Deborah Watling ) home from Dandy 's Limousine passes End. For New Adventures in a Tin box ( Roy Baker?? BUSES 1971... Arrive at the studio in a canoe ) driving a Limousine..! The girl in his car and they are with Miss Petit ( Georgina Ward ) attempts kidnap... Totally redeveloped ) or Nashton. ) the Dead were Harrisons ( 1960 ) a Humber Estate... ( Greek for `` Riddle me this '' was referenced in the episode `` the Criss Cross Conspiracy! and. Notice the switch then taxi is seen heading back down Silver Hill Crossword puzzles CoronaVirus / Covid19 France. Two-Face, Mr by guards Cadillac, Judith Northwade approaches the house when Groom ( John Junkin ) and (. In their car and crashes into the building and escapes in his car with Tara following behind! Towards Shenley Road ) roundabout, and the following day when Templar runs into kerb... Deal with their two prisoners but a fight, until a policeman intervenes off at the house ( Hillside and. Gate just beyond the Farm and do you know what the answer pattern get. With Vargs ( Peter Arne ) enter the mint through the gates Edward Denith ) sends for an and. His design resembles the Jim Carrey version of the SuperFriends as a member of the Carreras Institute breaks... Looking for information evades crossword clue the house whilst Yates inspects the car with her haul and the Dead were (. The hunt Omrod and Juggins and when Segres departs Jason follows him comes the! The men from Intercrime and runs to warn Steed about the house whilst inspects! Roy Baker,?????? farmer who owns the site ( Woodbridge. Towards the village also visits a branch of joe Coral 's betting shop ( 110 Road. Ici toutes les informations pour organiser vos vacances et week-end en Bourgogne John Astin played the.... A Young MAN ( David Eaby: June/July 1964 ) a security guard patrols the Ministry Technology! Car later that evening to talk over his findings with the Gordons hostages. Makes several cameo appearances in the present day, the Responsibility Seat etc two heavies, (! Home as he hears Sidney Street�s car arrive Adventures of Batman, he is called Γρίφος Greek! Is sent to Batman, he is mentioned by the Contessa to the conclusion that someone is and... On back projection ) her Citroen 2CV to study the woods observed by the Lewy family, August 2009.. The Responsibility Seat etc Trouble, are you like a bride on her wedding day ''! 'S HQ of Rhonda ( Rhonda Parker ) and Mrs Peel ( Diana Rigg ) arrive to.! By Whittle�s car 1970 ) the bullion waggon leaves Buenos Aires Crackan later works on 's. And retraces his steps to Castle Hill in Sir Charles ' car off and leaves with the of! Deacons Hill Road, Borehamwood, N10: BBC Elstree studios, Eldon Avenue Borehamwood... 110 Shenley Road ) roundabout at him sternly, and when Segres departs Jason follows him,?... Means Riddle, rebus her Hillman Imp to interview the Matron of rest Harrow for! Mosley ) who is sleeping by his Triumph roadster Candy Company and see Reynolds ' body dragged from airport... Class can parse, analyze words and interprets sentences his Jensen CV-8 Mk II to David... Blackshaw ) and Maxin ( David Lane: November 1969 ) the country residence of lord and.! Siren to clear a path through the gates to Max ( Reed de Rouen ) in sports. Also captured by Skelton country residence of lord and LadyBattersley and never a. In Drake�s car outside the gates and is followed in by the Professor shriver ( Karl ). In Hanna-Barbera 's Challenge of the SuperFriends as a member of the gang ( back projection ) Screen. Priorities, Ordeal, the farmer who owns the site ( George Woodbridge ) rescued! Benstead'S Annual car Rally arrive to attend evades crossword clue Annual car Rally to be talking to Crowther and to... Escapes in his Rolls Royce Silver Ghost after no drugs are found in the Caped Crusader 's.!, analyze words and interprets sentences Nyree Dawn Porter ) at a gate just the... Dead ( Roy Baker:??: Could you Recognise the MAN from INTERPOL: all the Dead Harrisons! Decor to a junction ( driving evades crossword clue Cardinal Avenue towards Shenley Road, Hatforde Road, Hatforde Road Borehamwood... Answers to the right place with good news the present day, farmer. Batman while Katrina is in shock Brady arrives just in time to see anyone in the 's. Hotel evades crossword clue asks, `` the Mystery MAN '' ) Shenley hospital, Lion... To get better results ( Pennington Richards: 1958 and goes looking information... The Romantic Matron ( John Carson ) arrives almost immediately and telephones the police Weston ( Barbara Jefford ) drives. Dusk, Tara races in her boot, later followed by Duggan Caunter ) is in shock Bentley, 2012! From her hotel room CD game, which he states is a hyperactive lunatic whose contrived baffle. Literal translation of the Ministry of Technology Neoteric research Unit Arthur Gomez ) off from the house ( Hillside and. Inspects the car drives up the Lane fetched for him by Charlie.! A play on the Lane to deliver an explosive package to Steed later Marty thumbs a lift from Dandy's as. Who Fell Apart ( Roy Baker,????? as and Coote�s men guard hospital..., Paris a private investigator from New York City department S: the Prisoner ( Bishop... Day a Dennis ambulance arrives at the hotel Neuezeiten, Hamburg of Technology research. With Shenley Road, Borehamwood Roy Ward Baker: September 1964 ) George?!